Ocean Fishing From A Pier Or Jetty

23 August 2017
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

Ocean fishing from a pier or jetty is a fun way to spend the day and catch fish. A pier or jetty at the mouth of a bay, cove, or inlet can get you away from a busy shoreline and cast shadows in the ocean where fish like to hide. Here are some things to consider when you spend the day fishing from a pier or jetty:

Scout Your Spot:  During low tide, make a site visit to the pier or jetty where you want to fish and scout the area to see the underwater terrain of the ocean floor. Look for underwater areas that are deeper and darker in color than the surrounding areas and can be easily viewed from a pier or jetty. Fish like to hide in these areas so you can cast your line into them with a good probability of getting a strike. Also look for growing seaweed patches in the ocean as fish like to hide in them and they can be a good place to cast a fishing line.

Fishing Tackle:  Use the lightest fishing line possible for your rod and reel. This will make sure that the sun will not light up your fishing line and make it visible to fish. Use a minimum of fishing weights to that your bait floats on the ocean currents and does not sink to the bottom of the sea bed. It is best to use only one or two small swivel hooks on a fishing line that are just large enough to hold your bait. This will help to keep your hooks hidden from swimming fish.

Live Bait:  Your choice of bait is the most important decision you have to make when fishing. Find out what species of fish are common in your area and use live bait or cut specimens of bait that those fish like. Ask your local bait and tackle shop what bait most fishermen have been using recently and what fish they have been catching. You can also use shrimp and crab as bait, as ocean fish are attracted to them.

Timing:  Fish like to eat in the early morning and early evening so that is the best time to fish. Once the sun is higher in the sky, beach goers are active in the water and can scare fish with their splashing and swimming. If you are fishing from a pier or a jetty, try getting out as far as you can into the ocean as it is quieter and can have more fish.

Fish Migration:  Research the spring and fall migration times for the species of fish that you want to catch. As fish migrate, they band together in schools and can be attracted to a pier or jetty to rest and hide in the shadows. Knowing when fish are migrating can help you to catch more fish.

Fishing from a pier or beach can be fun activities at any time of day or season of the year. Be sure to bring along a bucket to carry all the fish you will catch as you spend an enjoyable day ocean fishing from a pier or jetty.