Tips On Finding A DJ For An Indian Wedding

30 March 2021
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At first glance, Indian weddings appear to be bold, vibrant celebrations. Upon further investigation, it will become obvious that this is the case! Indian weddings are as unique as the bride and groom: these Indian weddings are extremely oriented towards traditions and family. There are several traditions that will most likely be present. Before the wedding, the bride's close family and friends will gather to get out their henna tattooing supplies. Read More 

Advice For Those Looking To Become A News Anchor

8 February 2021
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The position of news anchor can be exciting and lead to many incredible career opportunities. If you're interested in getting into this line of work and want to make a splash pretty quickly, take these actions early in your news anchor career. Find News You're Passionate About There are many types of news anchor positions you can go after, whether it's commenting on political news or reporting on local stories. So that you're able to have a long and rewarding news anchor career, find a sector of news you're particularly passionate about. Read More