Catering Equipment To Rent For A Family Reunion

29 October 2020
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When you're planning a family reunion that will take place in your backyard, it's important to think about how you'll serve your guests. If you plan to take care of the food yourself — perhaps with the help of a few family members who are skilled in the kitchen — it will be advantageous to rent a number of pieces of catering equipment. Doing so will make it considerably easier to prepare a large volume of food that will satisfy the sizable turnout at your event. Read More 

Why Use A Model Booking Service?

17 August 2020
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There are numerous ways for businesses to utilize models in their advertising campaigns. Models are integral for photo advertisements. Models with acting backgrounds can star in film commercials. You may even want to hire a model for a live event. For instance, models are popular attractions at trade shows. When you need to hire a model, take advantage of a model booking service. Here are four ways that utilizing a model booking service can benefit your company. Read More 

Are You Planning A Summer Birthday Party For Your Child?

11 May 2020
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Is your child having a birthday soon? If you are still looking for ideas to make the party a blast, keep reading for some ideas that might be very helpful. Think of having a birthday party theme. Maybe your son or daughter has been asking for a mini-golf party. If he or she has had the opportunity to play mini-golf in the past, it's no surprise that your child wants a mini golf birthday party. Read More 

Utilize Video Game Soundtracks During A Birthday Party

26 February 2020
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Musical melodies that are synonymous with a well-known video game may be appealing to the video game enthusiast in your family. If you are going to be throwing a "gamer" party to celebrate your relative's birthday, purchase some video game soundtracks on vinyl that can be used during various activities that are offered at the celebration. The Initial Selections May Prompt A Collection The soundtracks that you purchase can double as gifts for the guest of honor. Read More