Three Tips On Getting Your Child Into STEM

6 September 2017
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When you expose kids to skills and areas of interests early in life, you'll be able to set them on the track toward success. According to studies, the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) is expected to skyrocket by 9 million jobs within 10 years time. This field of study is expected to be a huge contributing factor to the economy for the foreseeable future, so if you want to prepare your kids for success, exposing them to STEM early may be a great idea. To this end, read below and use the following tips to set your child on the right track:

#1: Let kids know why STEM is cool 

Since the goal is to pique your child's interest in this field, you need to be fully aware of its benefits. STEM is a great field because it is lucrative, allows plenty of opportunity for creativity, is much needed in today's marketplace and is growing rapidly. Explaining this to children in age-appropriate ways will open their mind and let them know the possibilities of where they can take their lives. Elementary school science assemblies revolving around this field gives kids a chance to ask questions from working professionals while seeing how this information fits their future.

#2: Make it practical

The worst thing you can do is express STEM to your child as some exclusive club that only fits if you are interested in the subject. While many people think of high-tech matters, something as simple as baking can be used to illustrate points related to STEM. For instance, baking cookies with parents gives you time to teach your kids about chemistry, mathematical calculations and other facets of science, all while enjoying a delicious treat at the end. This is the way that you open up your child's mind and let them know the possibilities while making fun and practicality the foundation.

#3: Teach them the skills and hone them

Finally, it's important that you always build your child's fundamentals related to these subjects. Give them extra tutoring in areas of math and science whenever necessary, so that they stay on track with their coursework and never get left behind in terms of comprehension. Makes summer time all about exploration, rather than simply relaxation. You can do this by taking field trips and making sure they are filled with nature and scientific lessons.

Follow these tips so that your child is on the right track. Contact a service that offers elementary school science assemblies for more information and assistance.