3 Reasons Why Mini Golf Is The Perfect Date

11 September 2017
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

In today's world, it can sometimes be difficult to come up with ideas that are fresh and new for dates. The norms are going to dinner and a movie, and while these are fine, they are often overdone. It is often more fun to try something that you don't generally do on a regular basis because this will create an atmosphere that is more enjoyable for both parties. Whether you are going on a first date, or you are taking your spouse of 20 years out on a date, a great option in mini golf. This article will discuss 3 reasons why mini golf is the perfect idea for a date. 


One reason why mini golf is a great option is because of how competitive it can be. This can allow you and your date to have a little fun and see who is the better golfer. This is excellent if you are on a first date because you can learn a lot about your date and how they react in different situations, such as when they are losing. You can see how they handle instructions and/or tips, which can help you see if you two are compatible. If you are on a date with your spouse, this little competition can be just the fun that you need to liven up your marriage a bit and genuinely enjoy each other's company.


Another awesome reason why mini golf is the perfect date idea for anyone is the fact that it is affordable. Mini golf is something that isn't going to break the bank, but will likely provide a lot more fun than something that could potentially break the bank. You can pay more or less depending on how many holes you would like to play, and what discounts or specials are offered. In any case, you will be able to enjoy an evening together without worrying how the heck you are going to pay for it. 

Easy To Talk

There are a lot of dates where it can be quite difficult to carry on a conversation with each other. Since this is just as important for two people on a first date as it is for a married couple, choosing date options that allow you to talk easily is a good idea. Since mini golf has you walk from hole to hole, this gives you a great of talking time. You kind get to the know your date better, or discuss things with you spouse that the two of your normally don't talk about. 

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