Party Planning: The Sweet Sixteen DJ, Venue, And More

11 October 2017
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

For years, your teen has likely been planning her big sweet sixteen birthday bash. From the sweet sixteen DJ to the custom cake, your child probably has some pretty major expectations for this day. Even though your teen may have already created the ideal mental picture of her fabulous fete, you still need to plan for the reality.

What do you need to take into consideration when you're planning your teen's sweet sixteen?

The Budget

Before you can start picking a sweet sixteen DJ, a menu or anything else, you need to come to a budget agreement. Talk to your family about how much you can reasonably spend on this party. Instead of going backwards and trying to decide what your budget is based on how much everything your teen wants costs, start with a dollar range.

Give your child a high point for the budget, making sure that she knows she can't go above it. Budgeting is a balancing act. Remind your teen that if she wants a venue or entertainment that is more expensive than you'd like, she'll have to give up something else.

The Theme

After choosing the budget, get to work on a theme. This will also help to inform the rest of your decisions. The entertainment, party décor, and menu will all be a part of the theme.

Keep in mind, though, that your teen doesn't necessarily need to have a set theme. She might feel more comfortable choosing party colors or just going with a general birthday theme.

The Venue

Chances are you won't throw a bash this size at home. If the weather is right and you have a large yard, a backyard sweet sixteen is an economical option that also keeps the kids out of your house. Other party venue possibilities include banquet halls, restaurants, under 21 clubs, outdoor spaces, and community centers.

The Entertainment

This is a major part of your teen's sweet sixteen. Long gone are the days when a clown or a few crafts could entertain the kids for hours. Your teen and her friends want more when it comes to party entertainment. This most likely means music and dancing.

Pick a DJ who will play the music that your child likes and provides the add-ons that the party needs. For example, your teen and her friends might want a lighted LED dance floor, party props, or even a live percussionist to go with the musical vibe.

Party Favors

Make the party even more memorable for the guests with favors that they can take home. There are an almost endless array of possible favors for friends and family. Some favors even double as fun-filled party activities or entertainment. For example, a rented photo booth is an activity that the kids will enjoy during the birthday bash. Then use the photos as favors. Gift each guest a small painted picture frame or magnetic holder to put their party photos in too.

Make the most of your teen's sweet sixteen. With some careful planning and plenty of parent-child communication, you can make your child's birthday as magical as she is.