Four Things You Should Know About Making A Memorable Marriage Proposal In A Restaurant

2 October 2018
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

Have you reached the point in your relationship where you are certain that the person you're seeing is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with? If so, you're probably in the process of planning your proposal. Naturally, you're going to want it to be a memory that you'll both cherish for the rest of your life. Restaurants are a favorited venue for proposals because they offer a romantic ambiance — and they're sometimes the location of the couple's first date, which adds an extra layer of personal meaning to the issue. If you've chosen a local live music restaurant as the place where you'll pop the question, there are a few things you should know to help ensure the moment is as memorable as possible. Following are four of them. 

Alert the Restaurant Staff in Advance 

Restaurant staff are generally happy to help coordinate a romantic and memorable proposal, so don't be afraid to let them know what you've got planned when you make the reservation. They can make sure you're seated at a secluded table rather than one that's in the middle of the dining room and arrange to bring an iced bottle of champagne to your table after the proposal takes place as well as a special dessert. If the two of you have a favorite song, they can also arrange for that song to be played in your honor after she has accepted your proposal. Restaurants love proposals, so they may even provide you with a free bottle of bubbly or delicious dessert if you let them in on the secret. They'll also be able to snap a few photos of the two of you after she says yes.

Propose at the End of Meal

Proposing at the beginning of the meal is never a good idea, so wait until the entree plates have been cleared away. The best time to propose is between the main part of the meal and dessert. If you propose at the start of the meal, both of you might become so caught up in your emotions that you won't be able to eat. Although this won't seem like a big deal at the time, it's likely you'll be hungry later, and being hungry in the middle of the night is never pleasant. Proposing at the beginning of the meal also fails to allow for the gradual romantic buildup that are the hallmarks of the best proposals.

Don't Hide the Ring in the Food 

Because most men want their proposals to be as unique and memorable as possible, they frequently do things like hiding the ring in the food. However, this has become such a cliche that even though it involves the element of surprise, it's not considered to be a creative approach to proposing marriage. Movies, television shows, and books are full this same scenario — and you probably personally know at least one person who's proposed this way. You also run the very real risk of her damaging her teeth by biting into the ring if you hide it in the food — diamonds are, after all, one of the world's hardest substances.

Keep It Simple

Good food and wine, a romantic atmosphere, and the right partner are all you really need to create a memorable proposal. Strive for signature touches that have deep personal meaning for both of you, such as arranging for her favorite flowers to be on the table or reading a favorite poem just prior to asking her to be your bride. Culinary industry professionals say that most restaurant proposals are very similar to one another, but that it doesn't make them any less magic for the couples involved.