The Best Ways To Sell Out Your New Year's Eve Event

28 November 2018
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

The holidays are a time of having fun with friends and family. There are many parties and events happening around Christmas and New Year's Eve that it might be hard for your organization to compete with them. What if you have planned to have a New Year's Eve party at your restaurant or bar? How do you get people to come and better yet, sell out the event?

Here are the best ways to sell-out your New Year's Eve event this year.

Tickets For Groups And VIPs

While there are people who do like to attend New Year's Eve parties on their own, for the most part, people attend in groups. If you offer group specials on the New Years Eve tickets for your party you are more likely to sell-out. Group tickets tend to be discounted to entice larger amounts of people to attend a special event and if the price is right, you will find your event will be popular.

You could also offer VIP tickets. This doesn't mean you only offer them to celebrities or 'elite' patrons. VIP tickets could simply mean that anyone who is willing to pay a higher price or the VIP price for their tickets, will receive special treatment. This could mean a private room, party favors, and free drinks or food.

Promote The Event On Social Media

While you still can take out advertisements in your local or national papers, if you want to create a buzz you need to promote on social media. This means creating a special Facebook, Instagram and even Youtube account to promote your event.

You could post behind-the-scenes set-up pictures, fill people in on who the entertainment is and even create interest by having a special secret guest appear. You could post pictures of previous parties and create videos and live streams creating excitement about the event with special countdown days.

Multiple Types Of Tickets

There might be people interested in attending your event but perhaps the price range is out of their budget. Instead of having only one price level for entry, why not create multiple types of tickets?

For example, you could have a ticket for entry only and any food or drinks are extra. You could have a ticket level in which a dinner is included. You could even have an all-inclusive level that contains all food, drinks, and party favors.

Variety Of Food And Drinks

When you want to sell out your event you need to entice people with what they want the most. In many cases, people enjoy going to parties that have a variety of food and drinks to offer guests. You could have a buffet table, you could also offer a sit-down dinner – either formal or informal, and you could also offer snacks after midnight.

Also, offer a wide variety of drinks. There are many people who don't drink alcohol, so offer other alternatives as well.