Three Styles Of In-Ear Monitors That May Suit You While Performing

12 April 2019
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

If you're a performing artist of any type, renting in-ear monitors can be a good investment. These valuable devices allow you to hear yourself over the other voices and instruments on the stage, and also reduce some of the noise around you. As such, they can help you to perform better because you'll be more highly aware of your sound, as well as reduce the risk of long-term hearing loss. In-ear monitors come in a variety of different styles, so you can have fun assessing the look that you're going for and then choose your monitors accordingly. Here are some options for this product.

Skin Color

If you aren't interested in bringing any attention to your in-ear monitors, you may lean toward a pair with a color that will match your skin. You can usually find in-ear monitors in a variety of skin colors, so you shouldn't have trouble renting a pair that will roughly match your skin tone. While this won't exactly make your monitors invisible to anyone who is watching you perform, they're much less obvious — and that may suit you, especially if you have shorter hair that doesn't partially cover your ears.


Some people choose clear in-ear monitors for their performances. When clear, these devices can be less obvious, too, but it all depends on the specific monitor. Some clear in-ear monitors are tinted in different colors, so while they're translucent, they can definitely have a slightly colored appearance, too. Choosing clear in-ear monitors is a matter of personal preference. Some artists feel as though clear devices look sleek and modern, which may be the look that you're going for.


It's also possible to rent in-ear monitors that you can only describe as vibrant. These monitors are designed for audience members to see them, which can be fun if you're a performer who often uses elaborate costumes and props in your stage shows. For example, some in-ear monitors have small gemstone-style adornments that cover their outer surface, which can help to make them shine when you're standing under the stage lights. Other devices can feature vibrant colors such as red and blue, or perhaps even a mirrored finish. These styles aren't for everyone, but you may think that they suit you best.

Regardless of your tastes, your local AV rental service can present you with different options so that you can rent the in-ear monitors that complement you.