Making Your Nightclub Stand Out

20 May 2019
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

Opening a nightclub might have long been a dream of yours. Turning it into reality can be exciting; you might be eager to open the doors and have people come in and party. Just keep your thoughts on these nightclub lounge recommendations; you'll need them to make your spot a favorable one.

Have a Specific Audience

While you may want to welcome everyone to your nightclub, it can be smart to target a specific club audience. Narrowing your focus will ensure that you've got the right music and right atmosphere to make customers into true fans. For instance, if you're targeting young adults just about to leave college, you'll be playing the most current pop songs and have discounts for spring break and other college-themed activities. Because you're catering to them, they'll be more likely to pick your club than the one that's generic and plays music from all different decades.

Of course, people outside of your target market will show up in your club; that's great! Just make sure that you find one group to target specifically. In fact, in the weeks before your club opens, you might want to look around town and see what group isn't being targeted. That could be your audience.

Have Theme Nights

Give your guests something unexpected to look forward to. One such idea could be a theme night revolving around a popular television show or a general idea. People will love getting dressed up, and even those who don't dress according to the theme will be happy to look at others in their garb. You might even have competitions and give out prizes.

Consider Selling Alcohol

Many people like to head out and have a cocktail or two when they go out dancing at a nightclub. Consider actively seeking a local alcohol license and getting bartenders on the staff at your place. This isn't always easy; most cities and towns have a finite number of alcohol licenses available at any time. There are even periods when none are left. You might have to wait until another establishment goes out of business or chooses to sell their license to you.

If you can't get an alcohol license, you might allow your customers to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle). This could be a cost-saving measure, as you won't have to stock alcohol or hire bartenders. You'll just need to lay down some rules about how much alcohol can be brought and where in the club alcohol can be consumed.

With these suggestions, nightclub success is just a matter of time. Work with consultants to ensure that your nightclub gets the marketing and design help necessary to make the place popular and profitable.