Music And Bouncing Fun At Your Son's Birthday Party

18 June 2019
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

Most kids enjoy music, whether it be songs that are on today's hit list or classic tunes that have been enjoyed for generations. If your son's birthday party is going to be held outdoors and you are hiring a disc jockey and renting a bouncy house for the occasion, tie the bouncing activity in with the music by planning some entertaining games for the party guests to participate in. 

Feel The Beat And Freeze

Make or purchase two beanbags that contain soft, pliable materials inside of them. Instruct a small group of the children to enter the bouncy house and spread out so that each child can comfortably extend their arms and legs. Ask the disc jockey to play a song that contains a distinct, slow beat and to stop the track at random intervals. Tell the children that when they hear each beat, each beanbag is to be tossed to another child who is in the bounce house.

The kids can also jump up and down during this time, which will make it a little bit challenging for them to toss and catch the beanbags. When the music stops, locate the children who have possession of the beanbags and ask them to exit the bounce house.

Continue playing the game until there are only two children left. Give the winners a party crown, necklace, or medal for being the last ones inside of the bounce house. Invite the children who did not play the first game to enter the bounce house and to participate in a subsequent competition.

Follow The Leader

If the disc jockey is eager to get involved in the festivities and is someone who exudes a playful behavior, tell them that you would like to offer a rendition of 'follow the leader'. The game can consist of the children being inside of the bounce house and listening for the jockey's queue. The kids can either mimic the behaviors that they see or they can listen to the directions that are being announced over a microphone.

Monitor the results and eliminate any youngsters who have not copied the disc jockey's directions. At the end of the game, reward the winner by allowing them to have some time to enjoy the bounce house by themselves. Give them a small block of time that can be used to exhibit their best jumps or movements, while the other party guests observe.

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