Why It's Good To Equip Your Home Theater With A Sink

13 October 2019
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

When you're designing a home theater in your basement, thinking about plumbing might not be something that you initially consider. While it might be true that you have bigger things to think about — such as the installation of a projector, choosing appropriate seating, and even selecting what lighting you'll use — don't discount the value of adding a sink to the theater. Some homeowners equip their home theater spaces with bars, but you don't necessarily need to go to this length. A small counter and sink can be hugely useful in your home theater for the following reasons.

Washing Hands

When you and your family or your guests watch a movie, you'll often be enjoying snacks. Whether you're digging into a bowl of buttery popcorn or snacking on some candy, your fingers will be greasy or sticky afterward. Instead of having to pause the movie and walk down the hall to the nearest bathroom, anyone can quickly get up, go to the sink, and wash without interrupting what you're watching. The convenient location of the sink will be something that you appreciate each time someone uses it.

Serving Drinks

It's common to enjoy some type of drink while you watch a movie, and you'll find that the inclusion of a sink in your home theater room will come in handy in this regard. At the very least, anyone will be able to help himself or herself to a glass of water. If you have some bottles of alcohol set up in the space, the sink can come in handy for making drinks that include a splash of water — bourbon and water, for example. If you have other beverages in a small bar fridge nearby, you and your guests may use the sink to rinse out your glasses when you switch from one type of drink to another.

Cleaning Spills

It's easy for someone to spill what he or she is eating or drinking while watching a movie. For example, perhaps someone jumps during a scary movie and inadvertently knocks his or her glass of soda over. Having a sink just a few paces away will allow you to grab a cloth, wet it, and clean up the mess quickly so that you aren't significantly interfering with the movie that you're watching. Speak to your renovation contractor about your desired layout of the space and consider the best location for a sink.