Utilize Video Game Soundtracks During A Birthday Party

26 February 2020
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

Musical melodies that are synonymous with a well-known video game may be appealing to the video game enthusiast in your family. If you are going to be throwing a "gamer" party to celebrate your relative's birthday, purchase some video game soundtracks on vinyl that can be used during various activities that are offered at the celebration.

The Initial Selections May Prompt A Collection

The soundtracks that you purchase can double as gifts for the guest of honor. If the individual was born after the record craze from many decades ago, they may be intrigued by this form of entertainment and may invest in a secondhand player to use whenever they would like to listen to the songs that are part of a collection. They may even be encouraged to start a collection of video game soundtracks.

Purchase soundtracks that relate to video games that your family member tends to currently play or was a fan of in the past. If you choose an older grouping of songs, maybe this will inspire your relative to pull out the games that they once were immersed in and give them another try. 

Party Games May Fit Into The Music Theme

"Musical chairs," "name the song or video game," and "follow the leader" can be incorporated into your party plans. Set up chairs and play some music from one of the soundtracks. Instruct everyone to walk around the ensemble of chairs. After turning off the song, instruct everyone to sit down. Whoever is not furnished with a seat will be disqualified. The "name the song or video game" portion of the party can involve playing random songs and asking the participants to identify the song title or the video game that the song corresponds to.

"Follow the leader" can include playing a song and leading everyone who is participating. Perform various moves and request everyone to mimic you. If anyone fails to copy your movements, disqualify them. The soundtracks can also be played during the dining portion of the party.

Play songs from your loved one's favorite video game and use posters and memorabilia to decorate the room where the festivities are taking place. Toward the end of the party, hand out video game–themed goodie bags and give the records to your relative so that they can bring them home and enjoy listening to them. If the recipient is young, teach them how to care for the new vinyl so that it remains scratch-free.