3 Ways To Decorate A Celebrity Table Display

31 January 2022
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

Whether its actors, musicians, or other forms of performing arts, fans typically have their favorites and like to showcase their fandom through memorabilia like celebrity photography. A table display at your home is a fun way to showcase your favorite celebrities, characters, and movies.

If you have an empty table in your home, check out some ways to decorate and create a memorable display.

1. Framed Celebrity Portraits Photography

Celebrity portraits offer detailed and personal pictures of celebrities. The pieces of art feature celebrities from past and present and are often available in both color and black and white versions. When you purchase a celebrity portrait, elevate the look and make it the centerpiece of a display with a table frame. 

A table frame includes a flip stand to stabilize the picture. You could also consider a shadow box frame that stands on its own and features lights. Any frame with lights will illuminate the photo and allow you to see the details any point of the day. A backlit frame will remove any shadows or glares on the picture.

Consider putting up multiple portraits to showcase a collection of your favorite celebrities. 

2. Celebrity Collectibles

Pair a framed picture of a celebrity with a fun collectible that showcases the celebrity in toy or bobblehead form. A celebrity collectible can include an action figure, stuffed animal, or a vinyl figurine. Consider collectibles of celebrities in roles as their most famous characters.

For example, you could purchase a Jack Nicholson vinyl figure or a Joker action figure as he was represented in the Batman movie. Shop around to see how many figures and collectibles a specific celebrity has. If the person has been in action movies or sci-fi movies, then they may have a lot of different collectibles.

3. Collectible Movie Displays

Another unique way to add to a table display is with the home media featuring the celebrity. For older movies, you could purchase mint-in-box VHS tapes and display a tape case next to a portrait. Check out newer options like DVDs and Blu-Rays. For example, if you put up a portrait of Chris Pratt, you could pair the picture with a collector's edition of Jurassic World.

Choose your favorite movie from the celebrity and then do a deep dive to find the available Blu-Ray and DVD sets starring the celebrity. You could even decorate with multiple movies to help fill up the table.

Play around with some ideas. The table display is ideal for entertainment rooms and living rooms in the home.