Experience Exquisite Beauty With A Chartered Tour Of The Na Pali Coast

5 August 2022
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The Na Pali Coast is a lush, gorgeous coastline located on the island of Kauai. Travelers looking to make the most of their trip to the Hawaiian Islands can swim in these coastal waters by booking a special chartered tour.

Here are four reasons to choose a Na Pali Coast snorkel tour.

1. Swim in the pristine waters of Kauai 

Kauai is one of the eight islands in the Hawaiian Island chain. It offers lush, green mountains and beautiful blue waters. If you want to experience the natural beauty of Hawaii, swimming in its oceans is an excellent way to do so. A chartered snorkel tour will take you away from crowded beaches into untouched waters where you can get in touch with nature.

2. Enjoy a leisurely boat ride

Chartered tours can allow you to explore parts of the islands that you can only see from the water. Not to mention that enjoying a boat ride can be its own particular pleasure. A captain will handle all the navigation and logistics of your trip so you can enjoy yourself and sightsee as you travel. Your tour guide can point out various landmarks and geographical features as you travel, giving you the opportunity to learn while you soak up the Hawaiian sun.

3. See beautiful sea creatures in their natural habitats

Many people have a fascination with sea creatures, and for good reason. The fish, mammals, and amphibians that live beneath the waves are beautiful and unique. Seeing these creatures in their natural habitats can be an experience unlike any other, and snorkeling is an ideal way to get up close and personal with delightful sea life creatures. You don't need any special skills or certifications in order to snorkel. As you swim over the reefs on the Na Pali Coast, you will see fish that are native to Hawaii, as well as other exquisite creatures.

4. Stay safe when you're out on the water

Hawaii's beaches are incomparable in beauty, but it's important to always respect the sea. Even calm, placid waters can be dangerous under the wrong circumstances. A chartered tour of the Na Pali Coast will allow you to swim and explore while staying safe. Each boat is captained by an experienced seafarer who will ensure that the weather forecast is ideal for an expedition. Life vests will be provided for your safety, and tour guides are equipped with first aid kits and knowledge of CPR to competently address any emergencies that arise.