Why You Should Attend A Comedy Festival

21 November 2022
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

When you browse the calendar page of your local comedy theater to check out its upcoming shows, you may be fortunate to come across a comedy festival listing. Theaters hold comedy festivals at various times throughout the year, with these events often taking place over the days of the weekend. For anyone who enjoys live comedy in a theater setting, a festival is something to add to your must-see list. You may wish to buy tickets with a few friends who also enjoy comedy, and plan to take in as many of the shows as possible. Here are some reasons to check out a comedy festival.

Discover Someone New

A comedy festival typically features multiple consecutive performances from a large number of comedians throughout the day and well into the evening. Seeing so many comedians on stage in a relatively short period of time gives you a good chance of discovering someone new. For example, you might have never heard of a specific comedian, but find that you really enjoy their performance. This can compel you to follow them on social media, download their albums, and look for another opportunity to see them live in the future.

See Big Names

It's common for theaters to bring in big names in the comedy world to perform at festivals. Typically, the biggest names will perform to close each day — much like how well-known bands close each night of a summer music festival. While you may be able to occasionally watch big names perform at your local theater, a comedy festival is a good opportunity to see two or more of these performers in just a few days. It can be exciting to see someone you've watched on TV for years but have never seen in person. Some festivals draw comedians who might rarely perform outside of festival settings.

Get Exposed To Different Styles

A lot of people who are fans of comedy gravitate toward a certain type of comedy. For example, you might enjoy storytelling comedy or dark comedy. When you attend a festival, you'll get a chance to see performances of all different types. This can help to familiarize you with certain types of comedy that you may not have previously experienced — and that you may find that you wish to explore in the future. To see if there's a comedy theater festival coming up at a theater near you, check the list of performers, and buy tickets, visit the theater's website.