Fitness Gamification - A Fun Way To Keep Your Family In Shape And Entertained

18 May 2023
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

Fitness gamification combines physical activities and the elements of game playing. Follow a fitness gamification strategy this summer that will help you and your family stay in shape and have fun.

Scavenger Walk

A scavenger walk intertwines walking for fitness with searching for a list of specified items. This type of activity can be enjoyed in your hometown or while vacationing in an unfamiliar city.

First, prepare a list of things that you would like your loved ones to collect. The items can include natural materials, such as acorns and leaves. It can also include spotting signage and other immobile items while passing by places of business that are en route to the final destination.

The main objective is to provide everyone with a clearcut walking route to follow. Before the activity begins, furnish your loved ones with a list of the items they need to find. Award a prize to whoever finds the most items within the shortest amount of time.

Shop 'Til You Drop

If you will be visiting grocery stores or other shopping venues where you plan on purchasing quite a few items, have your family help you locate everything. Provide everyone with a fitness tracking device. Otherwise, download a fitness tracking app to each family member's mobile phone.

Divide your shopping list, providing each person with an equal amount of items. Then, instruct everyone to attempt to find their items within the shortest amount of time. Once everyone has retrieved the items that have been assigned to them, use the fitness trackers or fitness applications to determine who burned the most calories. Reward this person with a token gift.

Virtual Competitions

Many online fitness programs offer virtual competitions. These competitions direct participants to perform physical activity while they compete against other online users. This type of competition can be something that you and your family participate in while spending time at a local gym or in a hotel fitness center. Virtual competitions can be enjoyed during your downtime or while vacationing.

First, research various competitions. Then, select an activity that you and your family will enjoy. For instance, you may want to sign up for a treadmill competition or a stationary bike competition.

Pair up each of your family members with a competitor who is a similar age and who has a similar fitness level. Once you and the competitors have completed the fitness activity session, the results of the competition will be provided through the fitness platform.

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